Small Biz, Big Dreams.

I started this blog to spread positive words and support other women in my life! It is a pleasure to support one of my old college friends and sorority sisters, Melissa Taylor. Melissa and I met when we were 18 year olds at Texas Tech, pledging Chi Omega. Today, Melissa owns her own Zyia Activewear… Continue reading Small Biz, Big Dreams.

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The Clubbed Foot Club.

This story is not mine to tell. I called my sister-in-law, Jade months ago and asked if I could write about her first born, Charley. "CK" as I call her was a special baby; a rainbow baby and also was born with a clubbed foot.  She agreed, and when she sent back the answers to… Continue reading The Clubbed Foot Club.


When the HECK did October become December?

Bear with me. I know when Christmas is celebrated. But today friends is October 30th. OCTOBER 30th. I am ready to start my New Year crash diet. This "fall" has already felt like an entire holiday season. December is still over a month away! Please don't confuse my ranting with disgust of the autumn season.… Continue reading When the HECK did October become December?


Dream Big, Princess.

#21daywritinghcallenge #dreamsdocometrue I accepted this writing challenge, and though I feel I am failing miserably,  I know this is not a race, but more of a marathon. Instead of cranking out blogs without thought, I have had to take a step back and live my life. Plus, it's been busy around here. October is a… Continue reading Dream Big, Princess.


A Letter to My Daughter…m

Day #1 of the 21 Day Writing Challenge More information on this can be found here. Day #1- A letter To Someone Special. National Daughter's Day was this past week, and I thought it fitting to take some time to write my oldest  a letter that she one day will read, understand, and appreciate. She is… Continue reading A Letter to My Daughter…m